Designed To Make You Smile

Seriously Good Value

1 Dispenser = 320 Feet = 12 Month Supply


Our super wide design makes it seriously effective.

Minty & Delicate on Gums

Soft to land gently on your gums with a freshmint SMELL and aftertaste.

PFAS free

Per-and Polyflourinated substances are a group of chemicals identified with negative health impacts

Uniquely Refillable

Refillable to go easy on your pocket and the environment

Sticky & Absorbent

Sticky for grip and to absorb what’s been dislodged

Vegan friendly Cruelty free

Free of animal-derived or animal by-products and not tested on animals.

As Recommended

Recommended by dental health professionals and those who’ve bought it never go back to their previous floss

Made Black

To show white plaque being removed.

Is White

For the Squeaky Clean amongst us

who prefer not to know…

01. Easy to Use

For the first time ever, precise instructions are enclosed to dispense the frustrations about flossing. Learn how length is everything.

02. Optimum Oral Hygiene

Daily use of either floss helps protect and maintain gums, so they look like they work out regularly…and thats kissable x

03. Winners Are Grinners

Both are superior tapes, so use them with absolute confidence. Winners… are definitely grinners.

How It Works

Daily use of either floss helps protect and maintain gums, so they look like they work
out regularly.
And we all love that!

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“I genuinely love this floss. Until I tried it I never advocated a brand, now I can’t survive without it. Well done”

Melanie McAlpine - Consultant Specialist Periodontist, and owner, Western Periodontics; Consultant Paediatric Periodontist, Perth Children's Hospital; Regional Co-ordinator for the International Team for Implantology

“Although seemingly very thick it still goes through contacts easily and It holds it’s shape well rather than curling up into a ball. It doesn’t fray or cut into fingers while flossing.”

Dr Chai Lim - Dentist

“At last a floss that doesn’t shred”

Dr John Scully - Dentist

“This floss slides so much easier between the teeth and cleans so much better. It look thicker, works thinner.”

Dr Terry Fenn - Dentist

“I found the product on a pharmacy shelf in South Africa. It is simply the best and I refuse to use anything else!”

Chris - Regular Buyer

“Our entire family use Manfloss and Queen of Clean and have done for some time. By far the most effective product on the market on a number of levels.”

Craig - Regular Buyer

“So soft between my teeth and landing on my gums, and it tastes nice. I can really see whats coming out because the width really wipes the surface clean and absorbs it compared to skinny floss that dislodges stuff and  then just leaves it there! Skinny floss simply doesn’t have the surface area to absorb the plaque it dislodges . And the stickiness makes it good to grip, even in the shower! Patients who use it regularly love it when at their 6 monthly check up there is very little left for me to do! I love this floss!”

Pauline Kennedy - Dental Therapist

“A really great product. Leaves the “others” for dead!”

Rick - Manfloss Customer

“Before using Manfloss I found flossing quite difficult because no one had ever shown me how to do it properly, since following the easy to read relevant instructions and the nice sticky grip I have found it’s easy to use and now I’m flossing much more effectively”

Dene - Customer

“What a product. Indestructable!!! and the instructions on how to use it properly are gold.   I think you are on to a winner😀”

Howie - Customer

“Your floss is the best. I refuse to use anything else. Go Aussie!. I will root for you in the future! What will come next out of the great, flat, dry and red country. You have changed the benchmark on floss.”

Chris - Johannesburg, SA

“I would like to congratulate you on your great product – certainly the best floss I have come across in my 40 years of practicing dentistry.”

Dr Jeff Brown - Dentist

“I tell everybody about the floss. We love it. And fantastic service”


“The most amazing floss ever used. It is hands down the best. I tell everyone once they start, they never go back. The best floss ever existed – founded by a dental hygienist in WA. Not bad for little old Perth”

Yen - Vim & Co Pharmacy

“We had a long chat about it at golf one day. This is a rarity as were rarely talk shop. We were all remarking on how much easier life was because of being able to floss excess crown cement during the luting process without it shredding everywhere. We reckon you could tow your car with it!!”

Dr Ali - Dentist

“Hi Grace, a fabulous presentation of your product backed by a great product to top it off. My most fun and enjoyable item to offer in my practice.”

Pieter Van Rooyen - Dentist at Patheodent