About Us

Our Story

Way back in 2011, as a Dental Therapist with more than 20 years clinical experience, I felt frustrated with the lack of effective floss available, the general lack of incentive to floss, and the reaction of patients when they were given the right information explained simply, with the right technique.

Manfloss & Queen of Clean dental floss were born out of frustration with the combination of lack of WOW factor and CARE factor with using dental floss. Quality and contemporary dentistry should have so much more to offer.

And so began the process to not just identify the problems, but solve them, in a fun way, being relatable to anyone who wants to keep their teeth and enjoy better oral health. It was important to consider not just quality and effectiveness, but the environment, and ultimately our pocket.

So this is where we are now! Creating quite a Stir, and only six years in, MANFLOSS and Queen of Clean surely are young Stirrers. Loved, proven and here to stay….and continually striving to improve lives through humour with highest quality healthcare, for all mankind.


Grace Kennedy, Founder