Covid Safe Plan

COVID Safe Actions

Revised 24/01/2024

This Covid plan provides a summary of the controls and actions MANFLOSS has in place to keep our community, customers and workforce safe. It applies to all relevant workplaces and in conjunction with industry and community jurisdictions. Points 1, through to 6 apply where a high risk plan is required. Point 3 and 6 apply continually and indefinitely.

1: Physical distancing: Ensure workers and visitors are 1.5 metres apart as much as possible

OR, apply state based density quotient for shared work areas and public accessible areas. Provide training to workers if required on physical distancing  whilst socialising and working.

2: Wear a face covering if required by the state. Install screens and barriers for additional protection where relevant. Provide training on correct fitting, use and disposal of PPE, if relevant.

3: Practice good hygiene. Regularly clean and disinfect shared surfaces. Use and encourage regular use of soap and hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser used prior to every order being prepared.

4: Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell. Support workers to get tested and stay at home if they feel unwell. Keep records of all people who enter the office for contract tracing. If the state requires temperature testing upon entry, implementation of this screening will be commenced.

5: Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces.

6: Ensure manufacturing has adequate  systems in place to support the Covid safe plan in conjunction with their local community, state/country and industry jurisdictions.